What a nice Sunset yesterday evening…glowing red above the trees and … bulidings …

The TV said that today the temperature would reach 20 degrees…in NOVEMBER! Time to ride the bike for a nice tour?
We will see 🙂


Yesterday i got rid of my old TFTs and changed to two LG L2000C (after Marcel did the same step about two weeks ago). These are 20″ TFTs with a resolution of 1600×1200 px.

They were rather expensive, but I think they are not over-priced. The image is crisp even on analog VGA, and the response time is low enough to play Quake3 🙂

The interpolation of the LGs is good (at least compared to my old TFTs), so I can play games at lower resolutions without any problems!

Okay, heres a picture of my new Desktop (klick to zoom):

New drivers for Vista from ATI

Today I installed the new drivers from ATI which were released 11/2/2006.

The Installation of the Software was, other than the previous driver, without any problems. The Software recognises my graphics card (a Radeon 9800 Pro) correcty and installed any part of the driver perfectly.

Now the best part: My favourite game, Trackmania Nations ESWC, is running on vista now!

Link to ATI Driver
Below a screenshot of the ATI Catalyst Control Panel (Klick to zoom).

Upcoming Concert

Amon Amarth, the famous Viking Death Metal Band from Stockholm, are playing in the LKA in Stuttgart on the 19th of November this Year. AND WE ARE GONNA HEAR THEM!!

We (Marcel and me) are already owning the Tickets for the Concert and can´t wait any longer to see them!

If you are interested in Viking Death Metal, this is a must-have date in your Diary.

First Snow in Winter 2006

It´s getting COLD! At 6:20 this morning, I couldn´t believe what I have seen: SNOW!!

Not too much, but a litte. Enough to give a nice white touch to the grass and the cars.

Snow is nice, but in fact the air is getting REALLY cold. And I´m more a fan of the >20°C Temperatures. But well, in a few months it´s getting warmer again ^^