Light to the Dark!

Yesterday I’ve done the preparation for the “dark season” … my old light set, Sigma Evo / EvoX Halogen was replaced by two Karma Black LED lights.

The Evo/EvoX set took 15W out of the NiPack battery, which was drained in not more than one hour. The light output was not very fantastic, and the overall build quality was poor. I had to exchange the built-in electronic by a simple rocker switch because of some defective electronic devices.

The new double Karma has a new Li-Ion battery, which is much smaller and lighter than the old NiPack. It also draws only ~4W per Karma out of that battery, allowing a tremendous long battery-lifetime of about 3.5h on full output.

Now with three LED lamps (the already owned PowerLed Black and the two Karmas), the night will be enlightened enough to get much fun and speed, even on the trails!

Two nice little lamps … 🙂

… burning a hole into the night …

… and on the trail!

At all, i’m very satisfied with those Karmas! 🙂 You can find some more Pictures in my Gallery!

<UPDATE> I’ve exchanged the pictures with those i’ve shot tonight … 🙂 They’re much better *g* </UPDATE>